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Dear SACI Members, Corporate Sponsors and Friends,

On Thursday March 31st 2016, SACI held its 97th Annual Business Luncheon at Tarantella’s Ristorante in Clark, NJ. This was a very successful event and we packed the house. The food was excellent and the program was informative as we reviewed the highlights of the past 2015-2016 year and looked forward to our programs for 2016-2017. Reports were presented by all of the department chairs and years of service award pins were distributed to the achieving members. Our guest of honor was Vincent Ursino, who was awarded a plaque on behalf of the SACI board of directors and membership for a half century of membership, sponsorship and support of the SACI organization. Vince eloquently offered his words of encouragement to the attendees and was inspirational to our newest members - all of whom were present. This was very much appreciated.

Going into 2016-2017; SACI is again a robust socially interactive and fiscally healthy organization after a difficult restructuring during 2015-2016. At the meeting I made three points that I wish all of you to keep in mind.

Membership - SACI is evolving and we need new members. Although our annual membership drive is formally over for this year, it is a year round mission of the SACI organization to keep recruiting new sales, marketing and business development associates. Remember this: “The Sales Association of the Chemical Industry” is also “A Sales Association of Correlated Industries”. Reach out to any regional executives you know and ask them to join us. Don’t restrict yourself to chemical only. Many of our current members are dedicated to industry support, not only the production or distribution of chemicals.

Volunteer - We need volunteers; especially from newcomers to our respective industries. We need new idea for events and we need new leadership to take SACI into the next decade. Please consider your strengths and contact the sacimanger@yahoo.com wherever you think your particular talent can be applied. SACI will be 100 years old in 2021. I for one do not want to be looking at the same faces on the Board of Directors at that time. Please volunteer.

Sponsorship - Just as important as membership is sponsorship. Membership dues cover our operating expenses, but corporate sponsorship enhances the quality and robustness of our events. All of the companies we work for are sponsors when the cover the annual membership dues for us. From time to time we reach out to our corporate sponsors to enhance our individual events. Whenever your organization sponsors an event, the name of your company and the fact that you sponsored is prominently displayed at the event for all to see. Your attending customers will see it too.

I extend thanks on behalf of the board of directors to all of you who attended our meeting. Our Annual Business Luncheon is an important gathering as it formally ends one SACI year and introduces our plans for the next and your enthusiastic attendance is most appreciated.

Let’s keep the faith in SACI,

David Volosin

Temporarily; the offices of President, Secretary and Treasurer have been suspended as we re-organize.

For 2016-2017 the SACI Board of Directors is as follows:
David Volosin – SACI Chairman & General Manager (sacimanager@yahoo.com)
Frank Wuertz – SACI Bursar & Bookkeeper (sacibursar@yahoo.com)

The Working Board:
Mark DeLuca – Summer Golf Outing Chair
Jim Stowe – Fall Golf Outing Chair
Drew Stern – Membership & Recruitment Chair
Eric Bodnar – External Fund Raising Chair
Joyce Pisani – Holiday Party Chair
Tom Smith – Archive Chair (Holiday Party Gifts)
Keith Terraneo – Business Meeting Chair (Holiday Party Setup, SACI Archive)